SAT offer competance management as a total business solution, to qualify the competence management to meet authority and company requirements, business norms, success criteria and business sector industry standards.

Competence management tools and services have been developed and tailored to include required training within HSE, Management, Operations & Maintenance and Technical Support.

SAT Competence Management includes:

  • Company Organization Role Structure Support
  • Recruitment process assistance
  • Emergency Preparedness Organization support
  • Governing Document Development Support
  • Work Process Development Support
  • Qualification of Competence Requirements
  • Development of Training Programs
  • Employee Mapping Process
  • Competence Gap Analysis Process
  • Advanced Resource Planning Process
  • Company and 3rd Party External Training Administration
  • Competence Verification and Enhanced Process
  • Competence Documentation
  • 3rd Party Procurement Process
  • Handover & Abandon Process


Authority and Company norms, standards and business criteria dictate the total competence level to be in place according to Organization Role Requirements for Plant Operations. Total Training Portfolio:

  • HSE training
  • Basic introduction training
  • Basic self study programs
  • E-Learning programs
  • Gaming solutions
  • Technical System Functionality Training
  • Occupational Training
  • Equipment Supplier Training
  • OJT Training
  • Initial Black Start Training
  • Simulator Training Programs
  • Simulator verifications of operational procedures
  • Emergency Preparedness Training