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SAT is a multidiscipline company with extensive experience from design, commissioning and operations. Services and software solutions for training and integrated operations cover all plant systems including Process, Utility , Electrical, Instrument, Control/Safety, HVAC and more.

SAT was founded in 1989. SAT has focused on Systems Verification, Hazop studies and Analysis of Total Functionality for major oil and gas installations. This includes procedures for commissioning, testing, start-up and operations.

SAT has undertaken several major contracts for the oil and gas industry. See our reference list.

SAT is a multidiscipline company with extensive experience from engineering design, commissioning and operations of oil and gas plants.

SAT has developed advanced products and services.

  • Our method for developing Operational Procedures, including the use of Node Diagram is implemented as of 2006 as Statoils Best Practice.
  • A web and database tool for multi user and multi location utilization of operating procedures and tasks (SATOS).
  • System and Operation (SO) Books for operator training.
  • A method for creating systems drawings and illustration drawings for inclusion in A5 System Drawing Handbooks, SO-books, Operations Manuals etc. A3 format and A0 format are generated. This approach gives a number of advantages. All that is needed is Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • An inexpensive method for creating computer based training.
  • SAT database HAZOP tool and a method for performing HAZOP on operational procedures.

SAT is a Strategic Partner to SATVISION Software AS, the SATOS software developer and licensor. Sat is a SATOS software reseller and offers consultancy, training and user support.